Introduction of Flexstone Product


Flexstone or soft stones, as thick as 3- 5 mm, are extracted from layers of ground. Flexstones enjoy dazzling and specific diversity in their motif and tissue due to their natural streaks of soil.

It should be noted that Flexstones can be cut into pieces with cutter easily.

Therefore, there is no restriction in selection of design, dimensions and shapes of cut. These segments and pieces are applied either in the threading form or without seam and wrinkle as well.

Of the other salient advantage of  Flexstones, it should be referred to the easy installation of this product on brick, glass, concrete, plaster, wood and metal, plastic, rubber, tiles, etc. Moreover, this product can be used in vast range of activity.

Flexstone is very light (feather weight) and with using 3 kg of this product in each square meter, this product is applied in construction of  building which can be installed and transported easily due to its light weight.

Given the above issue, Flexstone  is considered as quality construction  material in modern construction industry.



1- Dimensions: Flexstone is produced in irregular dimensions (130 x 270 cm) and also regular dimension as well.

2- Application: Flexstone is used in the field of decoration, interior design and in building industry generally.

Moreover, Flexstone is applied in the field of decoration in decorated objects and appliances, lighting industry, high relief motifs and tableaus, trophies, statutes, and also 3D volumes.

3- Transparency: This product can be passed from light easily and its specification has caused it to be used as a decorative product with modern innovation in building industry. Given the above issue, this product is salient specification for being used in beautification of  building as well.

4- Flexibility: This product is soft with low density and with very high flexibility. It is installed easily on various curved, wavy and spherical surface, without appearance of any seal or wrinkle. For example, this product can be used in coating of dome, arched vaults, cylindrical vaults, and 3-D cubes, etc.


Some completed project with flexstone product


  1. Toba project(mirdamad boulevard)
  2. Pasargad bank(samekson structure and design company)
  3. Commercial,office complex(farmanie brand center)
  4. Urban elements(tehran municipality)
  5. Padideh shandiz project(mashhad holy city)
  6. Bomehen municipality(city view)
  7. Tekta complex(IRIB conference hall)
  8. Jami tower(mahan complex)
  9. Art congress of persian architecture and a large number of residential projects in tehran and lavasan.



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