Sealer: water proof material nano-technology penetrative and reflexive

  1. Product explanation:

Sealer is a product that is nano-technology, transparent, soluble in water, penetrative and reflexive that provide tremendous hydrophobicity effect to all building levels (old and new).

Nano sealer size cause to deep penetration and reflecting with surface and make it hydrophobicity.

In result, cause to protect it against structural and appearencial injuries by absorption of moisture such as efflorescing frost, growth of mold and mildew and so on.

  1. Indications:
  2. Old and new concrete surfaces
  3. Building inside and outside applications.
  4. Horizental and vertical walls.
  5. Brike, block, stone, tiles and mosaics.
  6. Concrete surfaces
  7. Pavings and sealing sands
  8. Threading
  9. Aggregates
  10. Product chemical compounds

Sealer is a product that is waterproofing and nano-technology based on chemical organosilane

  1. Benefits and advantages.
  • Eco-friendly and no harmful solvents
  • Fast and deep penetration in surface
  • Chemical reflection with surface for making hydrophobicity at the molecular dimensions.
  • Stability against UV and heat over 20 years.
  • Easy using with using of brush , roller and spray.
  • Doesnt change the color and appearance of the surface after drying.
  • Reducing of mold and mildew growth.
  • Protection against surface contamination, stains, and efflorescences.
  • Tremendous chemical resistance
  • Resistance against oil, asid,chemical materials , grease fat, solvents and salts.
  • Perfectly user-friendly. No need for masks if there is proper ventilation.
  • In accordance with ASTM standards.
  1. Tecknical information.
  2. Water penetration in concrete lower than 15% in 24 and 48 hours ASTMD6489
  3. Accelerated weather conditions, reduce resistance lower than 5% after 2000 UV validation,(twenty years simulation)ASTMG154
  4. Reducing of water absorption rate in brick and cement mortar more than %ASTME51485
  5. Steam exchange in materials ASTM 1653:03
  6. Resistance against frustratin on wet concrete ASTME303.93
  7. Anti-humidity building materials IS3067-1988
  8. Anti-humidity building materials and seal IS13182-1991
  1. The amount of coverage :

Sealer covering area per liter is as below.(is recommending field tests to determine the actual amount):

Intermidiate plasters                     20-40 square meters

Concrete                                           40-80square meters

Brick                                                   35-80 square meters

Mosaic                                               50-100 square meters

Grouting tile                                      60-200 square meters

Stone                                                   70-150 square meters


Sealer is supplied in packs of one liter.


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